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ID Aware easily resolves what would otherwise be a difficult situation.
Read our case studies to see how ID Aware works for everyone.

Ideal for athletes

A trail runner is jogging alone along country path when he trips and suffers a head injury. A passer by finds him, however he carries no contact details for his wife or any of his medical conditions. In this situation, ID Aware could provide the finder the peace of mind that the persons family will be contacted and informed of the emergency.

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Ideal for families

If you have ever lost your child, even for a short moment, you have likely experienced that terrifying feeling of extreme panic. An ID Aware Wristband will allow anyone who found your child to contact you quickly by calling our emergency number, our operator will contact all numbers listed on your profile within a matter of seconds.

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Ideal for corporate clients

A lone worker visits a numerous building sites in one day. On his last site visit of the day, he collapses and is knocked unconscious. His next of kin details are in a work database which is inaccessible by the colleague who finds him. If he was wearing an ID Aware band the first responder could access his medical details, next of kin and crisis plan with just a single phone call.

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Ideal for the elderly

An elderly lady with dementia falls in the street sustaining a broken hip. She has no ID with her, no-one knows who she is or what her medical condition is. An ID Aware account can hold not just next of kin and medical details, but crisis plans for any eventuality.

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